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Get To Know About Honey Beekeeping Association

Do you know about bees? Yes and then how well you know about bees? The bees are a highly organized society whereas they are considered as part of wonderful nature. The bees are the most wonderful insects since they provide numerous help to the people in the society. The queen bee can live for several years and the worker bees’ lifetime is shorter than the queen bee’s life. During the summer the worker bees’ will live for only 6 weeks and during the winter season, the worker bees’ will live for 4-9 months. In the past, the people have made beekeeping a habit and still it’s been done. The bees need the temperature to survive.

The Casts Of Honeybee…

There Are Three Casts Of Honeybee And They Are Such As;

The Queen Bee

There will be only one queen bee in the hive and only she is capable of developing ovaries. A queen bee will live for 3-4 years and she will lay 2000 eggs, per day. A queen bee wills inter course with several male bees at a time. From the 2000 eggs the unfertile eggs will be recognized as male bees and fertile eggs will be recognized as female bees.

Honey Beekeeping Association

The Worker Bee

The female bees are considered as the worker bees. The worker bees are not able to reproduce and they literally work to die. The worker bees will live for 6 weeks during the summer and for 4-9 months during the winter season.  The bee hive will completely consist of worker bees and during the winter season around 20000-30000 bees will live in a hive and during summer season around 60000-80000bees will live in a bee hive. The worker bees can only sting for once and then they will not be able to live anymore.

The Drone Bee

The male bees are considered as drone bees and they are kept to intercourse with virgin queens. The intercourse will lead the drone bee to its death and it does not have a sting too. The drone bees are expelled from the hive during the summer. There are around 300-3000 drone bees in a hive.

Apart from the information about bees, there are certain threats for beekeeping. The beekeeping procedure is not easy as you assume but it is done in a professional manner.

The Threats Related To Beekeeping;

The main threat related to beekeeping is mites and diseases. The mites will lower the production of honey and even diseases are the greater threats to the beekeeping. The beekeepers have an eye on the diseases related to the diseases which can be dangerous to bees but not humans. The diseases can be treated in a proper manner with proper medications.

In recent past, there have been many researchers regarding bee honey and its usefulness. The bee honey can be used to treat many diseases. In the earlier days, people did not have prescribed pills so they have been suing bee honey as their medicines. Bee honey can be one of the best medicines.